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Sportswear Refresher | Boxing Glove and Clothing Deodoriser Spray

Sportswear Refresher | Boxing Glove and Clothing Deodoriser Spray

Unleash the power of freshness and remove stubborn odours at source with the Sportswear Refresher. A plant-powered mist that blasts away sweat and nasty smells from your kit, giving you a fresh and invigorating training experience. Whether you want a boxing glove deodoriser or a clothing odour removal spray, we've got you covered. Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this powerful spray is your secret weapon after a tough training session.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Odour Elimination: Our advanced formula targets malodours at source and neutralises even the toughest odours, ensuring long-lasting freshness after every use;
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for all types of sportswear, including clothing, gym accessories, gloves, pads, shoes, gym bags, etc. Our spray is safe for use on all fabrics and materials;
  • Quick-Dry Formula: Designed for busy athletes, our spray dries quickly without leaving any residue. No need to wipe or rinse - simply spray and let it dry for maximum convenience, so your gear is ready to go when you are;
  • Refreshing Linen Scent: Enjoy a light, invigorating fresh-laundry scent that revitalises your gear, giving you that fresh out-of-the wash smell. Washing fabrics too frequently can cause them to age quickly, and so by reducing the amount of washes, you will prolong the life of your kit;
  • Plant-Derived Neutralisers: Our solutions contains plant-derived neutralisers, freshening your equipment, allowing you to train confidently.

Why Choose our Sportswear Refresher?

In the heat of training and competition, your focus should be on your performance, not on unwanted odours. Whether you're searching for a boxing glove odour remover, or a sportswear and kit freshener, we've got you covered! 

The Sportswear Refresher ensures your gear stays fresh and ready, no matter how intense your workout gets. Embrace the confidence of knowing your sportswear is fresh and odour-free.

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