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Sportswear Refresher 150ml

Sportswear Refresher 150ml

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  • FRESHENS SPORTSWEAR AND EQUIPMENT: Our Fresh Breeze solution has a clean, refreshing scent that's perfect for sportswear like gym clothing and sports shoes as well as equipment like boxing gloves and protective gear.
  • INSTANTLY NEUTRALISE ODOUR: Our advanced formula tackles malodors at the source, leaving a long-lasting fresh effect. After a hard training session, spray your gear with it and enjoy a fresh feeling the next time you use it!
  • LESS LAUNDRY: Using a few sprays of sportswear refresher can prolong the life of your sportswear between washes, saving you time, money, and energy. Washing fabrics too frequently can cause them to age quickly. The sportswear refresher allows you to get more wear out of your kit.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE SOLUTION: Fit the 150ml spray bottle easily into your kit bag so that it's ready to go after your workout. Say goodbye to funky smells no matter how hard you train.

Training hard can take a toll on your clothing and equipment. But don't worry, a few sprays of Sportswear Refresher can instantly recharge your gear! Save time, money, and energy by washing your gear less and wearing it more!

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