We are Combact - a small brand with a big vision. Born in 2020, the idea came from a Thai boxing gym where our sweaty and unhygienic boxing gloves set us out on a search for something to sort them out. Sadly, there was nothing. We wanted something that would properly clean our gear while not damaging the materials. It had to be something we could use in all our kit, be it boxing gloves, kit bags or running trainers. It had to look pretty cool too!

As with many great businesses before us, we set out to create something special. At least we thought that’s what we’d do. It turns out, it wasn’t that easy. We just couldn’t get our hands on the perfect formula. Everything we tested either wasn’t suitable for sports kit or contained needless chemicals. After years of trial and error, we got there. Persistence towards our goal and resistance to giving up was the secret. We refused to settle for less than exceptional and never will. We’re busy creating new and exciting products to bring to the market.

Even bigger goals lie ahead for Combact - we'd love to have you in our corner.