How to care for your boxing gloves like a champ

Serious fighters need serious kit care. A great pair of boxing gloves are a solid investment for anybody training to get in shape or get in the ring. Caring for them and prolonging their lifespan requires (a little) maintenance. Here at Combact, we consider ourselves to be experts in this field.. so listen up! See our top 3 tips to keep your gloves fresh and hygienic.


Sweat is the main culprit for causing your gloves to stink! Finish training sessions with a few sprays of our Antibacterial Sports Kit Spray to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Don't forget to spray and wipe the outside too, especially after sparring sessions when your gloves could be covered in your team mates sweat!


Odour causing bacteria love moisture and warmth. To prevent this, put your gloves somewhere with plenty of ventilation after training. Make sure they've dried out before returning them to your kit bag. 


Caring for your gloves is a bit like brushing your teeth - if you neglect it you'll know about it. Repeat steps one and two after each training session. The same process works for your protective gear and footwear. 

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