How to survive your first boxing lesson

So, you're thinking of trying out boxing?

For many, walking through the door of the gym is a positively life-changing decision. We're sure you know the list of benefits boxing can bring to your life, one being that learning to protect yourself is an invaluable life skill. Let's break down four quick tips to survive that first session.

#1 Be prepared and bring the right mindset

You're entering a new world, so be prepared to learn! This is an excellent opportunity to develop who you are and this is a door to some exciting opportunities such as community, improved health and for some becoming a fighter! Don't overthink what to wear, just go with some comfortable sportswear and a pair of trainers. You'll need a towel and a water bottle too. It's unlikely you'll need your own gloves for your first session, but it's a worthy investment if you enjoy it!

#2 Leave your ego at the door

Whenever, or however, you throw your first punch at a bag or pad - RELAX. One of the biggest things your coach will have to work through is getting you to relax. Learn the skills and mechanics involved before thinking about loading punches up and hitting things as hard as you physically can. There's a quote from the Navy Seal teams which reads "slow is smooth, smooth is fast'. Keep this in mind and be coachable.

#3 Embrace not being very good

Look, if you turn up to your first session and hit the pads like a train and have the footwork of Mayweather, then I'll take this all back. But for the rest of us, the first session makes you realise this boxing stuff is pretty hard - and technical. Learning new skills literally can have physical and mental changes beyond belief. So embrace the learning curve that lies ahead.

#4 You won't get hurt

Any good gym will ensure that you don't get hurt anytime soon. Sparring is a form of more advanced training, and is something a trainee builds up to, if you want to, that is. Your session will likely consist of shadowboxing, bag work, pad work, fitness, or technical drills. Nobody's going to punch you in the face.


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